6 Best Wallpaper Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+

With a big WQHD+ display coupled with a 120 Hz refresh rate, the display of the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra is a sight to behold. The colors are bright, vivid, and punchy, and the butter-smooth scrolling adds to the overall experience. Hence it only makes sense to grace this awesome display with a variety of great wallpapers. Whether it’s the dark AMOLED wallpapers or shiny cityscapes, well, there are a plethora of options out there.

However, when it comes to wallpaper apps for your Android phone, you simply can’t trust any app out there, all thanks to malware, pop-up ads, or ridiculous fee structure. Just the other day, I came across an app that had in-app purchases tagged at around $105/week. Crazy, right?

Hence, we thought of rounding some of the best Android wallpaper apps for the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+, to make the search easy for you.

1. 4K AMOLED Wallpapers

The best thing about AMOLED or dark wallpapers is that they help save the phone battery. And well, the dark and rich color combination enhances the overall look of the phone. If you like AMOLED wallpapers, you might want to try the 4K AMOLED Wallpaper app.

This one has a great collection of images usable as phone backgrounds. From a rich and vibrant Betta swimming in inky darkness to splashes of color on a black screen, you have it all. The best thing is that most of the images are minimal, without adding clutter to the screen.

Furthermore, you can pick between 4K images and Full HD images. The…

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