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Most of us are entering our second, third, or fourth week of self-isolation while others are just about to begin. Either way, it’s important to find ways to adjust to this new normal of restricted living. Now’s the perfect time to overhaul your home office setup with brand-new and better equipment. As for the kids, it’s imperative that they continue their education. A tablet ought to do the trick. The best ones are equipped with the most powerful processors and can effectively replace your desktop while providing more screen estate to aid better learning. Right now, you can get three of the best tablets at Best Buy at awesome discounted prices. Save up to $100 when you purchase the iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, and iPad Pro today.

iPad Mini — $350, was $400

The iPad Mini sports a nearly identical design to its predecessor. The bezels are still as chunky as ever, which is baffling considering the rest of the world’s gadgets, including the iPad Pro, have moved on from this outdated design trend. Nevertheless, the iPad Mini is still the best tablet that you can get for its size. It offers speedy performance, fluid software, and a gorgeous display. It’s also the most affordable option in Apple’s tablet lineup. Right now, you can purchase the iPad Mini with 64GB of memory on Best Buy for $350 instead of $400 – a cool $50 of savings.

Despite the lack of an edge-to-edge screen, the iPad Mini’s Retina display with a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution looks great, with…

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