Samsung Galaxy Note 20 set to dominate as iPhone 12 delayed

Now the Samsung Galaxy S20 series is officially out, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and iPhone 12 are two of the highest profile smartphone releases we’ve got to look forward to in 2020. With both phones looking as though they’ll be state-of-the-art pieces of kit, it’s tough to see either of them “winning” the great phone battle at this very early stage.

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iPhone 12 concept

However, it’s looking like Samsung may have an early lead. YouTuber Jon Prosser from FrontPageTech has deployed several scoops from Apple, based on corroborated information from five different, unnamed sources. And it’s all bad news. 

 According to Prosser, Apple was set to unveil the budget iPhone 9 (otherwise known as the iPhone SE2) at an event on March 31. The budget phone’s unveiling has been delayed without a confirmed rescheduled date, as Prosser claims Apple is unwilling to release a phone in the current volatile market, brought on by the viral outbreak. 

The iPhone 12, set to be released during Apple’s regular autumn event, has also been allegedly delayed over supply chain problems. 

Even Apple’s existing customers are set to be affected, as replacement devices for those lost, broken or stolen devices are also set to be delayed. According to Prosser, Apple is internally discussing providing loaner devices – iPhone 7s and 8s, apparently – while its repair team can accumulate enough stock. 

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